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We need your help!
The library has an opportunity to receive a sizable grant, but in order to get it, we need people in the community to write letters. Because of our limited budget, our library is only financially able to be opened a minimal amount of hours. These funds would help patrons have better access to library materials and information.
There are a few projects the library board has been discussing and want to move forward with, depending upon the amount we are able to acquire.
1. A covered pavilion: this pavilion would have Wi-Fi access for patrons to use anytime of the day, but especially when the library is closed. Having this availability, would make it easier for people who could not afford home internet, fill out job applications, do school work, research topics of interest, etc. The pavilion would also be used for library activities and available for community members to use at their leisure.
2. A book locker: this feature would have individual lockers where our librarian could leave books for patrons to pick up after hours. You could call in and reserve books, and be able to pick them up after work without having to worry if you can make it before the library closes.
We can’t all give money, but we can all give of our time to help our community. Please drop your letters in support of our patrons having better access to library materials and information by the bank or the library by September 15th. You can also email letters to our President Missy Simmons at Email our president:
This is a HUGE opportunity.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Michelle Kalgren
Library Board Vice President
Examples of what we want to build.